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Star Essence is a company dedicated to creating impeccable vibrational essences. This includes using sacred activated water, exquisite quality flowers and gemstones, intention and attention. Star Essences are made during powerful planetary activations and alignments in energetically powerful places. They address healing as well as evolution, with an ultimate goal of PEACE, within ourselves and on our planet. They are made with love! www.staressence.com

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Latest Newsletter ~ Invitations to be Crystalline: New Gemmies, Eclipse, Equinox Celebration

Today (Tuesday, in Santa Barbara) is a new moon and partial solar eclipse. It feels auspicious to send this newsletter out today. I feel we can use this energy in super positive powerful ways when we are aware. Eclipses accelerate energy. Even if we can't see it, we can feel it.

I'm excited to introduce you to
7 New Gemstone Essences!

Last September I went to visit my dear friends Virendra and Sia and their beautiful daughter Miriam in Arizona (Virendra and Sia are the proprietors of Tools 4 Transformation therapeutic gemstone necklaces, where we source the amazing gemstones we make our gem essences from). As Magic would have it, it worked out that the the best possible time for me to go there coincided with the
September Equinox... (oh how usual, as we like to say...) and- everything that could go right, went right, to make essences. The sun came out, Virendra and Sia set up a beautiful grid with a pyramid, and we made these powerful essences.

As these essence were made on the September Equinox, it feels fitting to announce them to you at this time with the upcoming March Equinox ( March 19th at 9:30pm PDT).

We're releasing the first set now, and will release the rest in the next couple of months (stay attuned!).

Here are the wonderful new and timely Gemmies:



thru end of March.

use coupon code:
You must select the product "All 7 New Gemmies for Price of 4" to get this discount. If you add all 7 to your cart individually you will not receive the sale price!
GemStars App

On the topic of gems, I'd like to give a little shout out for our GemStars App for iPhone. I feel it's a great energy to have inside that device- as it has the energy of the guardians of the gemstones, and it feels that each photo has a uniquely beautiful energy that it transmits, simply by looking at it, or even placing it on your body. The app has a useful search engine- you can type in a part of the anatomy and it will tell you which gemstones address it. 
Check it out in the App Store .
It also has it's own Facebook page.
(Note that it doesn't have the new gemmies... yet.)
Arkansas Crystal Adventure

And one more thing for the crystalline theme... If you are interested in an Amazing Arkansas Crystal Adventure, to go swim with the crystals in Lake Ouachita (and much more), click here for all of the fun details. There are only 3 spaces left (of 8) so let us know soon if you'd like to go!

March Equinox Celebration

For those of you in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai area- I'm having the land- ChaskaNorte- open for the Equinox both Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20. So if you've wanted to visit, this is your chance! You're Invited!
 (And so are your friends.) And if you've been before, come back and see how much things have grown!  
I am ready to find partners in the land, so if you or anyone you know is interested, this will be a great time to come check it out. Here is a link to a website I have made to tell you all about (one of) my visions. See if anything resonates with you.

Galaxies of Love...
Star and the stellar Star Essence Staff of Angels:
Aanjelae, Arielle, Kalia, Rym and Kelsea

P.S. Have you taken your Star essences today?  They help, you know : ).

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anchoring Blue Lotus Temple

by Star Riparetti

Growing Blue Lotus
I have been working with the energy of the Blue Lotus for over two years. ("Blue Lotus" was revered in Ancient Egypt- and I promised the botanists I would let you know the Blue Lotus is really a Blue Water Lily, not a true Lotus.) I made the Nymphaea caerulea Blue Lotus/Water Lily essence in August 2014, and that is a magical story in itself.

    First I ordered a Blue Lotus plant, and I made a little pond, and I grew it. I spent that time bonding with it. There was only one plant, and it did make several flowers. The raccoons enjoyed the pond as well as other critters. I wasn’t feeling it was the perfect plant to make an essence from, unless it was just for me.

    Then- everything happened. My dear friend Leah, who is a Star Essence Master Teacher, got permission for us to go to a very special estate that grows lotuses in Santa Barbara and make the essence. The day turned out to be perfect, with us being the only people there, the weather ideal, and LOTS of Blue Lotus in bloom, at their peak. The energy felt like it was off the charts. I had several people holding energy while it was being made.

    It was the same place where we had made the Pink Lotus flower essence, Initiation of the Heartlight, in 1999. It is very nice to take the pink lotus first, to initiate the heart light, and then go on to dive deeply into the Blue Lotus.

     When I made the Blue Lotus/Water Lily essence, which is called Grace of Creation, I knew there was also something called the Blue Lotus Temple. It is the temple inside of us. This inspired the creation of the Blue Lotus Temple Constellation and Spray, a synergistic blend of essences. In addition to the Grace of Creation (Blue Water Lily) essence, it contains Eternal Youth (Epidendrum ibaguense), One Heart (Epidendrum cuscoense), Sacred Union (Maxillaria), Golden Rock Water, and Gold-24K. There is also a Blue Lotus Temple Spray, which contains all of the essences mentioned, plus exquisite pure rose and spice nigrum (black pepper) essential oils. It seems to hum, it is so high vibe!

We are taking essences in a whole new octave. The Blue Lotus Temple feels like an embrace as well as a portal to our own divine nature. It’s a guide. It’s way more. I look forward to hearing your experiences.

I asked my friends Meganne Forbes and Oceanna to collaborate and make a painting of Blue Lotus.
Oceanna drew the geometries of it (as she has done for all of the orchids). We will have prints available soon!

    Recently I went to Chile to teach a two day class and a 1/2 day workshop. The extra exciting thing was that I knew this trip was about more than me teaching: it was about anchoring the Blue Lotus Temple strongly into the grids, so that everyone has access to it. I was assured by spirit that Chile was the place to do this. Beforehand I arranged for friends from all over (as close as Santa Barbara and as far away as Qatar in the Middle East) to be holding energy with me, and using the Blue Lotus Temple essence/spray at the same time as the workshops. I told the beautiful participants in Chile that we were building a light bridge from Chile to the US- and beyond- and anchoring the Blue Lotus Temple. It Happened. The energy in the room was rarified and palpable. We took the Blue Lotus Temple and did a brief meditation (I feel some of us could have stayed in that space all day). I then asked everyone to write one word, or something brief, about their experience, which they shared. I felt so blessed, hearing what happened. One woman saw her mother, whom she had never met. So many people had profound experiences. Meditating with a group is so powerful. I recommend it! The friends elsewhere had equally profound experiences meditating with Blue Lotus Temple and tuning into those of us in Chile.

    I’m feeling so humble and infinitely grateful to all of the people who participated. Here, there, and everywhere. Knowing and unknowing. It was definitely a fiesta of energy.  Here is a photo during one of our dance moments during the class. 

    I recently took the spray to Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree. 4 days of kirtan/ chanting. As I used the spray with a few people along the way the reactions were always the same. Wow- what was THAT. And- always a comment about how high vibe it feels.